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Sliding racks for various applications

REGNAR Sp. z o.o. Sp. K. equips Archives, Libraries, Offices, Hospitals, Clinics, Museums, Private companies, Storages, Storehouses, Production plants and public spaces with sliding racks (mobile racks) with mechanical and electric drives, stationary racks, storage, rotating racks, as well as revolving cabinets, painting nets and a wide range of metal furniture.

We offer our clients a comprehensive service – from measuring the room, creating a project, through the delivery and assembly of racks / furniture ideally adopted to their needs.

Thanks to the unlimited possibilities of arranging and producing the racks, we are able to make the most of the space available in any room, taking into account existing obstacles (sewage pipes, beams, diagonals, passages).

Relationships based on ethics and business values are important to us. We are constantly learning and developing our skills. We are characterised by reliability and high quality services, which is confirmed by numerous references from our customers.

Archive racks

Sliding, stationary, storage and rotating racks for storing documentation in binders, archive boxes (of various sizes), folders (of various sizes), hanging files, envelopes


Stationary, sliding racks for storing and displaying museum collections, weapons, maps, CDs, etc.; as well as sliding racks and nets for storing and displaying paintings

Library racks

Stationary, sliding racks for storing and displaying books, magazines, maps, tomes, etc.


Stationary, sliding, storage racks for storing work clothes, spare parts, tyres, etc.

Production plants

Stationary, sliding, storage racks for storing components, parts and samples of manufactured products, etc.

Store backs

Sliding, stationary, storage racks for storing shoes, haberdashery, cardboard boxes, clothing, etc.
We design, create and develop our skills for you.

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  • Reliability and high quality of services
  • Projects and solutions tailored to customer needs.
  • Customer relations based on ethics and business values.
  • Full responsibility for the tasks entrusted to us.

Modern archiving products and solutions

Sliding racks with electric drive
This solution is most often used in large-size racks; the structure of the drive of the racks allows for a "gentle" movement of the rack. Mobile racks with an electric drive combine ergonomics of work with quick access to areas on shelves. These racks are often used in archives.
Sliding racks with a mechanical drive
Also known as mobile racks or sliding cabinets. This system is able to make the most of the space of any room. These mobile racks are used for archives, offices, libraries, storages, museums, etc.
Stationary racks
Stationary racks, as well as mobile racks, are used in libraries, archives and offices. They are most often a complement to sliding racks for archives (or other applications) with mechanical and drive racks.
Rotating racks
Rotating racks, otherwise known as automatic racks, are usually used in the health service (for storing patient charts), public administration and banks.
Storage racks
Racks with a simple structure, most often used to store various types of goods, but also cardboard boxes and documents.
Metal furniture
Metal furniture intended for small offices, medical clinics, locker rooms, schools, storages.
Additional equipment
Solutions that facilitate the storage of documents and improve work.


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