Rack service, maintenance, repair, relocation

Rack service, maintenance, repair, relocation

We provide a comprehensive service for storage, metal, sliding and stationary racks for offices, storehouses, shops, warehouses, offices, banks, museums, libraries, industrial, public, and administration facilities. Choose safety and do not hesitate to order a periodic inspection or an intervention repair of racks. What can we do for you?

Rack service – scope of support

We service mobile, storage and stationary racks nationwide. We provide fast delivery times and experienced professionals. We offer:

  • Annual rack servicing.
  • Maintenance works keeping the racks in shape.
  • Post-warranty repairs and servicing of sliding and stationary metal racks.
  • Technical inspections of racks together with a report on the condition of the installation.
  • Post-accident repairs, replacement of components.
  • Complete renovations.

Rack relocation – scope of support

In addition to the comprehensive servicing of racks, we also carry out the necessary logistics work related to the transport and relocation of installation components. You can order:

  • Disassembly of existing racks.
  • Relocation of the systems to a new place and their reassembly.
  • Adjustment of the relocated racks to the dimensions of the new room (within the construction possibilities of the racks).
  • Positioning the racks in accordance with OHS, fire protection regulations.

Servicing of storage and other racks – we have a solution for any problem

Professional inspections and repairs of rack systems stand out due to their meticulousness and comprehensiveness. What does this mean in practice?

  • We check the load level of the racks and the condition of the systems.
  • We verify the uprightness of the racks, the stability of the installation.
  • We search for and eliminate corrosion centres as part of servicing metal racks.
  • We check the level of deformations, deviations, deflections, cracks, loosening of screw connections.
  • We monitor the condition of the floor, maintaining appropriate spacing between sections.
  • We analyse the condition of the fastenings.
  • We check the condition of the tracks, chains, bearings, drives, moving and drive wheels, locking mechanisms.
  • We clean, lubricate and adjust the drive mechanism, chain tension, track settings.
  • Rack servicing also includes verification of technical documentation and nameplates.
  • We estimate post-accident damage and prepare a price quote for repair work.
  • We replace the components: shelves, side walls, rack frames, doors, locks, etc.
  • We offer new racking systems for replacement after permanent damage beyond the scope of servicing.

Metal, sliding, stationary racks service – what will you gain?

  • You can be sure of effective protection of the data being archived.
  • You extend the life of the racking systems, save time and money on installation replacement.
  • Periodic servicing of racks guarantees the safety of your employees.
  • You know exactly what you pay for – together we determine the scope of service for storage, sliding and stationary racks in order to select the best offer.
  • You get a complete report covering the classification of defects for urgent repair and the elements to be monitored for the next inspection.

Service your racks with REGNAR

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